The heavy hvcc compiler for Pure Data patches. Updated to python3 and additional generators

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Heavy can generate LV2, VST2, VST3, and CLAP plugins from your patch using the Distrho Plugin Framework. It can be either a synth (output-only) or an effect (input and output), supports an arbitrary number of parameters, and can process midi events.

Some examples are built for the major operating systems (Linux/Windows/MacOS) in various formats (LV2/VST2/VST3/CLAP).

Defining Parameters

Each exposed parameter will automatically generate a slider in the plugin interface.

MIDI Control

In order to receive MIDI note on and off events, as well as control change messages, the [notein] and [ctlin] objects should be used, respectively.

DPF supports all note/ctl/pgm/touch/bend I/O events. The implementation is further discussed in the midi docs

We can also use [midirealtimein] to receive realtime midi messages like clock/start/continue/stop/reset (no active sense). It is up to the user to create the appropriate handling inside the patch.

Additionally you can use the special [r __hv_dpf_bpm] receiver to get the current transport BPM value directly.


Parameter Types

In DPF a parameter can get an optional type configured. The default type is float. Other assignable types are bool - for toggling a value - and trig - for momentary signals.


Using jinja the v.attributes.type can be evaluated for a specific string and different templating applied to the parameter. In DPF the extra types bool and trig result in the following plugin code:

        parameter.hints = kParameterIsAutomable | kParameterIsBoolean;
// or
        parameter.hints = kParameterIsAutomable | kParameterIsTrigger;


An accomponying metadata.json file can be included to set additional plugin settings.

The project flag creates a README.md and Makefile in the root of the project output, but may conflict with other generators.

Each of these are optional and have either a default value or are entirely optional (description and homepage). Midi i/o ports are on by default, but can be set to 0 and they will be disabled - currently midi_input always has to be on!.

    "dpf": {
        "project": true,
        "description": "super simple test patch",
        "maker": "nobody",
        "homepage": "https://wasted.audio/plugin/dpf_example",
        "plugin_uri": "lv2://wasted.audio/lv2/dpf_example",
        "version": "6, 6, 6",
        "license": "WTFPL",
        "midi_input": 1,
        "midi_output": 0,
        "plugin_formats": [

Other fields that the DPF metadata supports are:

An example plugin that uses some of these extended metadata is WSTD 3Q.